• Alcohol Level Calculator

    Beverage Usual Volume Usual Concentration
    Beer 12 or 16 oz 5.0 %
    Wine 2.5 or 5oz 12.0 %
    1 Shot 1.25 oz 80 proof
  • BAC Percentage

  • Stages of alcohol intoxication

    Disclaimer: The Blood Alcohol Calculator is for information only. This conversion cannot be completely accurate because every person processes alcohol differently. This estimate should not be used to determine if you are capable of driving. Your actual Blood Alcohol Level may vary, depending upon many factors, including body type, sex, health status, and many others. Every effort is made to ensure that the results yielded by the Blood Alcohol Calculator are correct; however, do not rely upon this information to decide whether or not it is safe or lawful to drive. Because impairment may occur at any Blood Alcohol Level, we can only recommend that you not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in your system.
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