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What does California Law say about driving under the influence (DUI). What are the penalties, fines, fees and consequences.

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Do you know your rights? It is important to know and understand your rights to make an informed decision.

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David M. Lehr, Esq. is a defense attorney with over thirteen years of experience in DUI law. We can help you.


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Facing DUI Charges

Facing DUI charges in Ventura County is a stressful and often scary proposition. Whether this is your first interaction with the criminal justice system or you are facing a felony conviction as a result of having multiple prior DUIs, you no doubt have lots of questions. You may also be considering hiring a DUI attorney; but, how do you find someone you can trust? And, if you find someone you can trust, how do you know if he or she has the knowledge and experience necessary to competently represent you in your DUI?

Ventura County is one of the toughest counties in the nation when it comes to prosecuting drunk driving and other DUIs. As a result, there is a lot at stake regardless of the nature of your charges, and you are right to be asking these types of questions.

An Experienced, Passionate and Dedicated DUI Attorney, David Lehr has two decades of experience trying and negotiating cases in our county’s criminal justice system. Mr. Lehr transitioned into criminal defense after serving thirteen years as a prosecutor in the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, and today he focuses his practice on representing individuals facing DUIs. Having personally handled thousands of DUI cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Mr. Lehr knows what it takes to successfully defend a DUI.

Experienced DUI Attorneys

At The Law Offices of David Lehr, we pride ourselves in always putting our clients’ interests first, fighting for the best possible outcome in every single case we handle, and counting ourselves among the most experienced and passionate Santa Barbara DUI attorneys out there. If you are facing a DUI in Camarillo, Oxnard or Ventura, you need an attorney who is willing and able to fight to protect your rights, your driver’s license, and your freedom. This is what you get with The Law Offices of David Lehr.

Client Success Stories

Here are a few of our recent client success stories…

  • Client ran out of gas at 3:00am, and was found by police sitting behind her car on side of freeway with a BAC of 0.14%. All charges were dismissed.
  • Client faced a third-time DUI and 180 days in jail after falling asleep behind wheel in middle of road at 2:00am with his lights off and a BAC of 0.22%. He was rear-ended by another driver. Client plead guilty to first-time DUI and received a sentence of just forty-eight hours in jail.
  • Client faced significant jail time for a second-time DUI involving an accident and a BAC of 0.18&. Client pled guilty to a first-time DUI with no jail time.
  • Client was pulled over for speeding and weaving around midnight with a BAC of 0.09%. We won the DMV hearing and all charges were dismissed.
  • Client was pulled over with a BAC of 0.09% after a citizen call to 911 reporting a drunk driver. We won DMV hearing and all charges were dismissed.

This is just a sampling of the many favorable results we have achieved for our clients.

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For more information, please click here to schedule your free initial consultation with DUI attorney David Lehr. We are conveniently located across the street from the Ventura County courthouse, and evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

Alcohol Related Traffic Fatalities by Age Group

Source: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

16-24 years of age:
25-44 years of age:
45-64 years of age:

David Lehr

Attorney At Law David Lehr - Ventura DUI David M. Lehr, Esq. is a Ventura DUI defense attorney whose credentials include thirteen years of experience with the Ventura County District...
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